Zapraszamy do obejrzenia fotorelacji z pobytu studentów AIESEC w naszej szkole oraz do przeczytania wypowiedzi uczniów dotyczące tego pobytu:


I like them because the boys were very nice and good. I like Jason the most. He said very interesting things and he had a very good presentation. I learnt a lot of words in English and correct grammar. This meeting was very funny.
Oliwia Zyngiel class 6

I really like this project because it was funny and positive. I learnt about New Zealand and Brazil. My favourite student was GianCarlos he is from Brazil and he is very friendly. I could talk to him about many things. I really liked that.
Juliusz Orłowski class 6

Did I like it? Yes? Why?  because I learnt a lot about some countries. Who did I like the most? GianCarlos-Brazil
student class 6

Did I like it? Yes! I've got a photo in my phone. I learnt about animals in Brazil and cities in New Zealand.

Tomek Szczepaniak class 6

I like the lessons very much. GianCarlos is ok too. He likes football like me. He is from a very big country ang there's no snow! That was sad. I learnt that New Zealand is next to Australia.
Maciej Rożek class 6

I like them because they are friendly. Their names are: Jason, GianCarlos and Rychei. Jason was from New Zealand. GianCarlos was from Brazil and Rychei was from Japan. I learnt that Brazil is in south America and New Zealand is an island.
Wiktoria Stolc class 6

I like them because they are nice and cool. I learnt history of their countries, what they like, where they live and why they come to us. They like us maybe. We like them very much. We are sad when they go home. Julek has got photos with them on Facebook. Oh... their names are: Jason, GianCarlos and Rychei.
student class 6

My favourite guest was Jason. Why? Because he was the most sociable and he liked taking photos like me! What did I learn? I learnt about a lot of events from the history of New Zealand and new words like: Maori, colony, Dutch etc.
Jakub Sarnaszek class 6

Did I like it? Yes! Because I learnt about their countries and met new people. I learnt new words in English.
Daria class 6

Uczniowie gimnazjum:

In my opinion this week was very cool. I learned English from foreign language students  and I know information about another country. I want more the same lessons and I want lessons where the students go with us outside and they talk with us and we can integrate with them. I wanted them to stay in my school longer.


In January 7-10 at our school were students from schools abroad.

Students came from three different countries: Brazil, Japan and New Zealand. With students we communicated in English, sometimes the teacher explained tough sentences. The lesson conducted by them beheld presentations, listened to information about their countries.

The classes were very interesting. I hope that you will take up more such activities and that our school will also be involved in such a project.


I think that was nice to learn something about their country. I think it’s nice to have somebody over from the other country. I liked competition the most. But better will be if we would go with our class to, for example, Germany or another country.


In my opinion students had very interesting presentations. This week was informative.

I think lesson with students is a good idea because we must speak English and listen.

I want visit different students.

I like this  and I think positive about other lessons.


I want to write about our meeting with students from New Zealand, Japan and Brazil.

 Firstly, I think that the things we did were very interesting and funny – we learnt how to use sushi sticks.


I liked the presentations and the way the students talked – I didn't have any problems to understand them. The students were nice and had a sense of humour.


For the next time I would like more conversation than presentation. In my opinion we pupils could be their guides while walking in Pruszcz.


To sum up, I think that the whole idea is great.