Z wielką radością gościliśmy w naszej szkole dwie wolontariuszki organizacji AIESEC- panią Sarę z Singapuru oraz panią Yiting z Chin. Oto relacje uczniów klas VI:



In the last days came to us two women from another country.One is Yiting and the other is Sarah. Ms. Yiting prepared for us presentation of her country - China.I got to know many Chinese traditions: dances and food.The presentation was very interesting and cool. Women of China wear more crazy but nice clothes.The ladies are very nice and friendly. Mrs. Sarah is very cool and nice. With Mrs. Sarah made nice decorations. Lessons with the women were very great. They were interesting, interesting and informative. I wish again sometime came to us these ladies. I liked the lessons very much.

Amelia class 6a


I like very much Yiting. She's great. I liked how you showed us Presentations. I learned a lot through it. I learned about the cultures in China. Now I know for instance that there is a food , how people dress there. I liked very presentation of the country in which they live . They intrigued me their culture, style , personality . Certainly encouraged me to visit those countries. I would like to learn more things about their nationality. I would like to Yiting and Sara visited us again .

Marta class 6a


I liked the meeting with Yiting.

She's from China. She's got black long hair and she wears glasses.

She showed us presentation about her country.  We learnt how to hold chopsticks.  It isn't easy. We could ask her about everything.

She was with her friend - Sarah. I like her too.

What a pity that they had to go back.

Asia class 6a


On Tuesday in school I had a lesson with a woman from China! Her name is Yiting. She is very friendly. She looks very nice. She has brown long hair. She wears glasses, black skirt, colorful blouse and brown nice shoes. I like her outfit a lot. She likes swimming and pandas. Her favourite singer is Ed Sheeran. She can say "Good morning" in Polish. In her language " HI " is " ni hao ". She has never been to Poland before. She loves dancing. I very like Yiting and I gave her my drawing with panda.

 Gosia class 6b


 Lessons with Yiting and Sarah were awesome. They were fun and I learned many things from them. On the first lessons we were asking questions. The most often asked question was "what is your favourite food?". On this lesson we have introduced to them too.

On the second lesson we were playing game called "Dixit". It was very funny game. I have brought it by myself. On the third lesson we had presentation. Sarah and Yiting have been giving us food from their countries. Sarah was from Singapore and Yiting from China.

Maciek class 6a


„ Meeting with a Chinese girl „

Her name was Yiting. She was young, I think that she was twenty two years old. Her skirt was different from ours.

She was nice. She taught us to cut different model of paper. I Like these things. My favorite subject is Art. I like these presentations very much. I like learning about different cultures. I like when foreigners come to us very much.

Marcelina class 6a


Sarah is a girl. She’s from Singapore. She is 24 years old. Sarah likes Steven Gerrard . Gerrard is a footballer. Gerrard plays in Liverpool. Sarah also likes dogs and swimming. Sarah has got hamsters, dogs, cats, birds and parrots. I like Sarah.

Kamil class 6b


Yiting‘s 22 years old. She’s from China. She’s got very big glasses. Yiting’s got black hair. She is funny. She hasn’t got any brothers or sisters. Yiting likes tea. Yiting  isn’t tall, she is small. This is Yiting.

Tomek class 6b


Last week to my school came a guest. My class met with Yiting. She’s from China. She’s 22 and so friendly. Her eyes are brown. She’s got dark hairs and she isn’t so tall. She always smiles. Her hobby is dancing. She showed us performance in which she played. It was fantastic. I found out a lot of curiosities about her country. I am so happy she met with us.

Julia class 6b


Yiting is a student. She’s very funny and she likes dancing very much. She dances in a dance club in China. Yiting’s got black hair and blue eyes. She’s 22 years old and she has older sister. She’s got one cat and its name is Tom. Yiting likes Poland and she told us she also likes Pierogi. She came to us with her friend Sarah. Lessons with them were very funny and hard because they spoke English.

Kuba K. class 6b


Miss Yiting is a student. She is 22 years old. She is from China. She is not tall. She has big glasses. She likes dancing. She can speak English very well. She has name like eating. I like miss Yiting because she is friendly and funny.

Mikołaj J. class 6b


I like today's lesson very much. Today Ms. Yiting showed us a presentation about China. It was very nice. I learned a lot.  Ms Yiting comes from China. She is very nice. On earlier lessons we asked her about China, her life and so on. We also did origami. We got to know customs and culture from China. What a pity Ms. Yiting had to leave!

Weronika class 6a


We had a very nice visitor in our class on English lesson last week . It was a student from China. Her name was Yiting. She showed a presentation about her country - China.

China is a very big country, with big population and surface.

China is very famous for its food in the world. And there are many kinds of food in China. They like spicy dishes. People like eating also rice , noodles and dumplings. She showed us how to eat with chopstick. It is not so easy, but we tried with our pencils.


We saw the movie about Chinese dance. Chinese dance is an art. They dance with umbrellas,

ranges and in dresses with long sleeves. She told us also about Chinese martial arts. The hundreds of different styles and schools of Chinese martial arts. We found out also that the Chinese traditions play an integral role in everyday life for every person.

In the end she wrote our names in her language. Ii was a lot of fun. We like her very much.

Patryk class 6a


Yiting is a guest in my school.

She is from China.

She is 22 years old.

She studies in China.

She taught me how to hold sticks for sushi.

She loves pizza and ice-cream.

She has a dog but this dog belongs to her parents.

She wants to have her own dog and hamster when she is older.

This is my favourite guest I have ever seen in my school.

I like her very much.

I would like to visit her in China.

Mikołaj K. class 6b


Yiting is from China.

China is very big.

In China they have some traditions weird for us.

They have a traditional dance.

They have traditional cuisine as well.

They have dumplings and pancakes.

She told us about different aspects of life there.

She showed us many movies.

We know a lot of things about China now.

I liked today's lesson very much.

I would like to hear it again.

Konrad class 6a


I really like lessons with Yiting. She was from China. She taught us make paper works. She made presentation for students. On presentation she show us traditional food . We liked this very much. She talked with us on brakes, too. She taught us using sticks. She was first time in Poland. I thought she is very excited about Poland.

Kuba class 6b