Fragmenty wypowiedzi dzieci dotyczące tygodnia, w którym gościliśmy wolontariuszy z innych krajów w ramach programu AIESEC

“Students were from three countries: Canada, Brazil and China”

            Mikołaj Banaszek

“They talked about their country, traditional dishes, culture, traditions, climate and what people are their country. Thanks to their visit we learned: what is it The Forbidden city, what people (in Brazil) think about Mundial;”

Krzysztof Szafrański.

“Lessons with them were very exciting”

            Sandra Kacprzak

“I think the best teacher was William from Brazil, he was very funny.”

            Dawid Siarczyński

“They taught me new words.”

Pola Mańkowska

“In my opinion these lessons were very interesting and exciting. I like this form of lessons”

Konrad Bałabuch

“In my opinion, William was the funniest”

            Mikołaj Blok

“The student from Canada spoke really well in Polish but we had to talk in English with her and another students”

            Marysia Wereszko

“They made a quiz and I won a chocolate prize.”

            Jakub Robaczewski

“I learnt how to use chopsticks. These students prepared our lessons. I will remember them.”

            Iza Powalska

“I want to meet a new group of students next year”

Wojtek Adrych