Dear Teacher

I want to tell you about our Rekolekcje. Rekolekcje last since Monday for 3 days. We lived in Rekolekcyjny House in Swarzewo. Meals were very good. All free time we played Minicraft and ""The Gathering" Magic Cards". On Monday we arrived to Rekolekcyjny House, went for Holy Mass,we prayed and ate lunch. Everyday on lunch and breakfast we had sandwiches and tea. Everybody who was talking had to be on "Zmywak". You could also did it "Z własnej woli". On Tuesday we went for Holy Mass,we prayed and ate breakfast. After that we had a long (16 KILOMETERS) walk to Puck. After the walk we had dinner. On dinner I sang  "Kurczaki i ziemniaki". After my "concert" it turned out that on the dinner were potatoes with chicken! On Wednesday we went for Holy Mass,we prayed and ate breakfast. After that we  had a SECOND (8 kilometers) WALK. The purpose of our trip was pizzeria. After that we came back to our houses by bus. According to my opinion Rekolekcje was successful.

 Jakub Sarnaszek class VI


Dear Teacher ,

I want to tell you about our Rekolekcje . We started from church at 9:00.We went to Swarzewo. On rekolekcje we were playing and having fun. We had Mass and prayers . We were in pizzeria and shop I really enjoyed it . We were eating really good food in there. We were playing cards . There was really good bed I enjoyed sleeping there .We had fun and many funny stories. I bought many sweets and drinks .I lost my phone and I was really scared but I found it so now I know not to take the phone and hide it in big pocket .We came back at 12:00. I waited for 5 minutes for my dad. We came back to church. My dad took me home . It was really cool rekolekcje . I think you enjoyed my text thanks Julek

Juliusz Orłowki class VI


Dear teacher

I want to tell you about my rekolekcje. We went to Swarzewo. Swarzewo is a beautiful place near the sea. I lived in rekolekcyjny house. I and my friends had the biggest room. On rekolekcje we went for the walk. We walked to Puck to buy pizza next day. Paweł and Julek played football I and Witek stayed on grass and looked at him. We went to a shop too. The weather was bad. It was raining. Only the last day was sunny. We had three meals. The food was tasty.  It were funny days. Goodbye.

Kuba Cydejko class VI



I’m Paweł. I’m 12 years old. I want to tell you what I was doing on rekolekcje. We came to Swarzewo on Monday at 12  First we had lunch. Next we had Holy Mass. Next was supper. After supper we went to sleep. Next day we had a prayer and breakfast. Nice attraction was sightseeing a church. On lunch we ate meat, potatoes and salad. Next three hours we spent on a walk to Puck. On supper we had bigos and bread. That was yummy! Next was Holy Mass. On last day we had breakfast and Holy Mass. On the end we were packing and we came back to Pruszcz. I really like this rekolekcje! 

Paweł Rutkowski class VI



Dear teacher :

When we were in Rekolekcje from Monday to Wednesday we had many things to do!

We went to church , molo and studnia .

I played with Tomasz ’’The gathering ’’ magic cards.

We went to shop and bought many sweets.

On rekolekcje the weather was BAD!

On rekolekcje we had very tasty FOOD!

Paweł closed Kuba in the wardrobe ! :P (that Kuba said )

We had three hours walk.

We went twelve kilometers.

Witek Banasiak class VI



Dear teacher,

From Monday to Wednesday (24-26.03.2014) classes 6, Ig, IIg and IIIg went to Swarzewo to rekolekcje. This small town is next to Władysławowo. Every day we had a Holy Mass and short prayers before breakfast, dinner and supper. On Monday we arrived at 12:00. We had dinner and Holy Mass in the afternoon. We went for a walk too. On Tuesday we had prayer and breakfast. I usually ate sandwiches with tomatoes or cucumber. Next we watched film about youthful love. It was very interesting. After that we had dinner. On dinner we had chicken, potatoes and salad. At 15:00 we went to Puck. It was very long way, about 16 kilometers. On Wednesday at 8:00 we had breakfast and next we packed our things. After that we went to Puck again and this way finished with eating PIZZA. At 14:00 we had to come back. For me this rekolekcje was the best :)


Love from Oliwia

Oliwia Zyngiel class VI